About This Viz

This is timey-wimey information represented, literally, in a spacey-wacey layout.

Data is hard. And incomplete. If you see anything inaccurate or that you disagree with, please contact us. File a bug or send us a message on the forums, mailing lists or social media.

Gentoo Linux activity since the first CVS commit in July 2000. To pause the activity you can either click the pause/stop button or click on a date (month or year). There will be a slight difference in the paused display depending on which you hit. The pause button literally pauses the action. The date strip shows the entire historical snapshot per the date clicked.

How it Works


The twinkly component of this viz represents the developers. The faded versions of each color indicate that the developer is inactive in a given month.


The wimey part of the timey-wimey component of this viz shows the total headcount.

time axis

The timey part of the timey-wimey component is the axis for the streamgaph, and indicates the current time in the scatterplot. Jump to any time by clicking along the streamgraph.

player controls

The reverse play button will reverse time and play back to the "big bang" event at the beginning.


hover over a circle to see more details on a particular developer.